ZLD-Konfiguration sichern ohne Passwort


Letzte Aktualisierung: 04.12.2018

Erstellt am 17.08.2018

  1. Reboot device

  2. Enter debug mode and type "atkz –b"

  3. Use “atgo” booting device

  4. Now device will reset system-default configuration and backup old startup-config.conf to startup-config-back.conf

  5. After device boot up, download startup-config-back.conf to replace admin’s password:

    a.) Find out line with "username admin encrypted-password" in "startup-config-back.conf"

    b.) Replace to "username admin password yournewpassword user-type admin"

  6. Save and rename startup-config-back.conf, upload to device and apply it. 

You can now login to the device with the password you set in step 5 with the original configuration file.