Zyxel IES4204M Chassis MSAN 2U 4-Slot Temperature-Hardend Chassis MSAN

Zyxel IES4204M Chassis MSAN
Front:Zyxel IES4204M Chassis MSAN
Perspective:Zyxel IES4204M Chassis MSAN
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Zyxel IES4204M Chassis MSAN


Unified plattform for various scenarios
The Zyxel IES4204 Series 2U 4-slot Temperature-Hardened Chassis MSAN supports VDSL2, GPON and fiber-based GbE service access. Two service slots work with any service line cards. With full set line cards, the IES4202 Series provides up to 4K FTTH subscribers, 96 FTTB/VDSL subscribers or 80 active non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet fiber links. In various application scenarios, the IES4204 Series saves CAPEX significantly for operators. Using the same software and service line cards as IES5206, the IES4204 Series reduces operators’ learning curve and spare part inventory, which further reduce maintenance costs for operators.

G.993.5 vectoring cancels far-end crosstalk for higher bandwidth
The Zyxel IES4204 Series of 2U 4-slot Temperature-Hardened Chassis MSAN is a vectoring xDSL network device featuring up to 96 ports for service providers, enterprises and large building complexes. The IES4204 Series conforms to G.993.2, G994.1 G.997.1, G.998.4 G.inp, and G.993.5 vectoring to ensure interoperability with standard-compliant VDSL CPEs. The IES4204 Series supports VDSL2 Vectoring (G.993.5) technology to mitigate performance degradation by cancelling the incurred crosstalk within multiple DSL lines.

Future-proof architecture
The Zyxel IES4204 Series is equipped with non-blocking backplane, failover-enabled Management Switch Cards (MSC), dual-input power modules and various high port density, multi-purpose line cards. With comprehensive IP-centric firmware features, the IES4204 Series is a small-capacity system that facilitates telcos/ISPs to deliver high-quality services for residential or business users at a competitive CAPEX/OPEX as well as to satisfy their need for reliability, flexibility and scalability necessary to the current and future infrastructures.

Advanced Triple play and mass deployment functionalities
The Zyxel IES4204 Series supports all the Layer-2 Quality of Service (QoS), security and multicast functionalities; it also supports IGMP snooping to prevent unnecessary forwarding of multicast traffics to all subscribers and thus optimizes bandwidth utilization for multicast applications such as broadcast video. The IES4204 Series also supports the multicast VLAN feature that distributes the source to all the VLANs requesting video streams. With a built-in splitter over POTS, the Series allows operators to provide Triple play services over the same copper wires.

Sophisticated OAM&P features
The Zyxel IES4204 Series provides various management methods: local console port, Telnet, local hosted Web GUI and SNMP v1/v2/v3-based EMS (NetAtlas EMS). The management functions include Alarm and Status Surveillance, Configuration Management, Performance Management and Fault Management. Both Series allow multiple administrative accounts with 3-level access privileges. The IES4204 Series supports user-friendly web GUI that allows operators to manage through any browser on any PC, laptop or smart phone.
Zyxel IES4204M-UB AC power Module for IES4204M

Zyxel IES4204M-UB AC power Module for IES4204M – AC power module with battery charger for IES4204M

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Zyxel OLC3416-42A GPON Line Card for IES4204/IES5206M – GPON Line Card for IES4204/IES5206M

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Zyxel EX5601, Bridge, VLAN 11 aktiv

Zyxel EX5601, Bridge, VLAN 11 aktiv – Bridge, VLAN 11 aktiv, inkl. SFP und Fiber-Kabel, LC/APC, SC/PC 2m

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Zyxel PMG5617GA GPON Home Gateway B+

Zyxel PMG5617GA GPON Home Gateway B+ – GPON Home Gateway B+

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Zyxel Netatlas EMS10 nodes license

Zyxel Netatlas EMS10 nodes license – Nodes license

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Zyxel IES5206M_v2

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